Friday, March 18, 2016

Rabbit Schooling Sloths

If you have not seen the hilarious trailer for the new Disney movie Zootopia, you can see it here. 

We have all had that feeling while waiting in a line! The genius is making the humor here so relatable. 

After laughing through the trailer several times, my opinion changed and I almost cried. 

I can be a fast-talking, excited, energetic person, much like Officer Hopps. I am enthusiastic to teach and share what I know with my children.  Yet, how often do I feel the same frustration when I am excited to lead a lesson and miss the journey?

Have I felt the frustration of a child writing slowly? Are they not answering a question I am convinced they have an answer to?  Do they seem more interested in their Legos than what you have to say? YES!

Maybe I am the one missing out on the beautiful journey!

The moment when Flash the Sloth's face lights up at getting a joke, that is what we all live for!  He is adorable, in that moment and the frustration of moments ago melts away! We all thrive on the moments when our child's face lights up with excitement, joy, understanding, or love.  If we are always the busy rabbit, we might not slow down to guide a child to these moments of lighting up. 

Am I taking the time to let my child's face light up?

I know some kids will share that joke immediately like Flash did.  Do we react like Officer Hopps with a dreaded look and sigh?  Or do we see the shared joy?  Do we see that moment when the shared knowledge or joy has now truly become the child's own by being able to share it?  Do we embrace it?

When I was re-watching the trailer, I noticed it is less than 2 minutes into the clip before Flash the Sloth gets the joke.  That's not very long. Are we all on such a fast paced schedule that someone whose face can light up a theater in less than 2 minutes is being missed? 

Maybe tomorrow I need be more like the Sloth and less like the Rabbit and enjoy the journey.