Friday, February 3, 2017

Four Lessons from 2016

Although we are over a month into 2017, I think it is important to constantly learn from your own experiences. Overall, I learned I need to take care of myself. As moms, we all hear that we need to make time for ourselves, but making time is hard. For myself, I don't need vacations away from my kids or husband, but small time where I know I am nourishing my own soul. These four things made the biggest difference in my year. 

I must make time to read for me! Books and audiobooks are just a joy for me! I love sharing books with my children, but I need to read what interests and inspires me as well.

I have found endless encouragement for reading at the Potato Peel Book Community. It is a wonderful community of readers who love good literature and not what is currently on the Top 10 list. 

I also love listening to the What Should I Read Next podcast. There is no judgement about what you like to read but great suggestions for all types of readers. I love hearing why people read, what they want different in their reading life and the reading struggles we all face. 

Between the Potato Peel Book Community and What Should I Read Next, I find myself constantly inspired to continue to read and encouraged in my efforts.

Related imageArtistic Expression
I need to be creative in some way. I love to paint, but it is time consuming.  This year, I taught myself to crochet. I now have a portable, artistic hobby that allows me to create while watching movies, listening to kids read, or at meetings.This is a total life changing win for me!

Challenge Myself
It is constantly important to challenge yourself. For me, planning, being consistent and organized THAT is the challenge. 

I was fortunate enough to participate in a Homeschool Boot Camp run by Pam Barnhill. I realized there that for me, my own planning and consistency is the key to success for myself, my kids and homeschool. Therefore, consistent is my word for the year! Challenge accepted! 

Encourage Myself with Instagram Gratitude
Instagram can help you see your own world a little differently. A few days distance with a filter and those crazy moments of life are beautiful! I love looking back at my own feed, because I have Instagram for me. It's a way to journal my life and how I see it. It helps me see beauty around me. I grown in gratitude and appreciation for my own life, looking at my Instagram past. 

A I look at 2017, I'm excited to continue with these and learn even more! 

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